Thirsty Bird is a tiny rhythm game about a symbiotic dance between the raindrops. Use your computer’s keyboard to position the bird under the falling raindrops, and feel the rhythm of the skies to help your timing.

A content-complete beta version of the game is playable at the link below.

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Thirsty Bird consists of five levels of original music. The style is jaunty and videogamey, featuring sampled instruments and hi-fi synths in blocky arrangements that complement the game’s chunky pixel art. You can listen to the music here.

Thirsty Bird will also support custom charts using a simple text syntax. No need for overcomplicated editors with cumbersome copy-pasting – write charts as fast as you can type, and share them any way you’d like.

// set tempo to 77.5 bpm
bpm 77.5

// spawn water in center position, wait two beats
water 4,4; wait 2

// after waiting, we are now at beat 2
// beat 2 will occur exactly at 00:04.71 in the music
downbeat 4.71

// continue spawning and waiting
wait 2
water 1,4; rock 7,4; wait 4
water 4,4; wait 4;
water 7,4; rock 1,4; wait 2
water 7,7; rock 1,1; wait 1
water 7,1; rock 1,7; wait 1

water 4,4; wait 2
wait 0.25; rock 4,1
wait 0.25; rock 4,7; wait 1.5
water 1,7; wait 4

// etc.