I’m Ben. I make music and video games using my computer.

Game Skills

Unity / C#

5+ years of experience; original independent games, game jams, and university projects. I used Unity for:


Learned 2010; used extensively with Processing framework for original game prototypes since 2016, including


Learned 2022; used with raylib framework for original game prototypes, including


Learned 2017; used for personal scripting and Wesleyan University class “Machine Learning Methods for Audio and Video Analysis.”

Music Skills


Playing since age 5; deep understanding of Western music theory and experience with classical technique.

Ableton Live

5+ years of experience; original songs, backing tracks, sound design. I used Ableton for:

  • Bouncy theme for game Dropples.
  • Western pastiche for game Ghost Town Gunner.
  • Toasty orchestra for podcast Dear Literature.
  • Delicate pop-ballad album (and Wesleyan University capstone project) Heavy Hands (coming soon.)
  • Punchy OST for game Thirsty Bird (coming soon.)
  • and more!

Logic Pro

Learned 2013; original compositions. I used Logic for:

  • Videogamey instrumental album The Loop
  • Instrumental compilation ”!”
  • and more!


Bachelor of Arts, Music - Wesleyan University
Recipient of Leavell Memorial Prize from Music Department
Grade: GPA 3.95

About this website

This is a Jekyll website using a highly personalized theme. You can find the source code here on my GitHub.

Absolutely every letter of text on this website was written without the assistance of LLMs (large language models; that is, auto-regressive transformers trained on language.) I am not unilaterally opposed to their use; however, you deserve to know that these words are my own.