I’m Ben. I make music and video games using my computer.

Game Skills

Unity / C#

5+ years of experience; original independent games, game jams, and university projects. I used Unity for:


Learned 2010; used extensively with Processing framework for original game prototypes since 2016, including


Learned 2022; used with raylib framework for original game prototypes, including


Learned 2017; used for personal scripting and Wesleyan University class “Machine Learning Methods for Audio and Video Analysis.”

Music Skills


Playing since age 5; deep understanding of Western music theory and experience with classical technique.

Ableton Live

5+ years of experience; original songs, backing tracks, sound design. I used Ableton for:

  • Bouncy theme for game Dropples.
  • Western pastiche for game Ghost Town Gunner.
  • Toasty orchestra for podcast Dear Literature.
  • Delicate pop-ballad album (and Wesleyan University capstone project) Heavy Hands (coming soon.)
  • Punchy OST for game Thirsty Bird (coming soon.)
  • and more!

Logic Pro

Learned 2013; original compositions. I used Logic for:

  • Videogamey instrumental album The Loop
  • Instrumental compilation ”!”
  • and more!


Bachelor of Arts, Music - Wesleyan University
Recipient of Leavell Memorial Prize from Music Department
Grade: GPA 3.95