Rosy Ruins is my final project for Prof. Christopher Weaver’s class IDEA350 (Computational Media: Videogame Development) at Wesleyan University. I completed the class during the spring semester of my freshman year in 2019, and took on the role of producer, lead programmer, and supporting artist. Our team included design lead Krzys Nizielski, art director Zach Turner, code supervisor Ahmed Ali, and business manager Salil Shah.

Rosie, an adventurous botanist, and friendly caterpillar Karl are stranded at the bottom of ancient underground ruins with nothing but seeds, water, and lanterns. You’ll climb vines and interact with the local fauna, for only with your tools and your wits must you escape the Rosy Ruins.

This was my first project with the Unity game engine. I wrote a 2D character controller from scratch, including functionality for one-way platforms and slopes. Rosie can be controlled with WASD/arrow keys, as well as with a mouse for audiences with motor difficulties (or those who just prefer it!)

As supporting artist, I was in charge of generating animals, plants, and resources in the game’s splotchy watercolor style. I created the vast majority of the non-player art using Affinity Designer.

Rosy Misc Art

Rosy Fruit Stage

Rosy Opening Stage

This included a wide variety of modular tilesets that allowed for rapid iteration of level designs.

Rosy Tilesets

Rosy Ice Stage