I am a student of the class of 2023 at Wesleyan University. During my time at college, I’ve decorated the campus with original posters for a variety of jobs and student projects. A selection of those projects follows.

Office of Communications Design Assistant

During my freshman and sophomore years, I spent my work-study hours as a Student Graphic Design Assistant at the Wesleyan Office of Communications. As part of my job, I was tasked with designing event posters for upcoming lectures and symposiums. I had a great time exploring the flexibility of the Wesleyan design guidelines throughout their radical rebranding process.

True Confessions

Missed Connections

Decolonizing Oral Histories


Life on the God Beat

Disconnecting the -Phone

Game Lab

I lead the on-campus club Game Lab, Wesleyan’s only game design and development club. We focus on short-form game design exercises and challenges, teaching the fundamental skills and principles needed to create effective play. We also host an anything-goes 24-hour game jam every semester!

Jam 1

Jam 2

Make Your Escape

Student Theater Projects

In addition to my sound design and mixing roles for on-campus theater projects, student directors have reached out to me for promotional materials. I work with each director to understand their interpretation of the text to ensure that my posters are accurate and evocative previews of their production.


Bare Auditions