Seeing Music is my AP Studio Art 2D concentration project, a collection of twelve infographics about music. I completed it for my junior year of high school between January and May of 2017. A selection of four pieces is below.

The collection visually represents the anatomy of music equipment, the acts of making and listening to music, and the experience of being in the music industry. It aims to be a digestible and evocative way of dissecting a product and business that many listeners take for granted: that is, to portray the fascinating “hidden secrets” of music, and showcase the variety of these secrets.

I split my Concentration into thirds, exploring three spheres of music: the instruments and technology behind music, creating and listening to music, and the industry surrounding the music. I still sought variety within each sphere, from piracy to spectrograms, earbuds to piano keys.

The Discovery Room


New Again

Favorite Band

Final Poster

My AP Art class placed me in charge of making a poster to advertise our exhibition with the prompt of “movie poster.” I drew inspiration from the cosmic horror genre to depict (in a humorously foreboding sense) the steadily impending date of the event.